Our automotive nonwoven materials can be found in the majority of the world's most popular cars, including models from:

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Automotive Nonwoven Solutions

The range of applications for nonwovens in modern vehicles continues to expand as they replace traditional textiles with lighter weight and more cost-effective options. Today we supply materials for Tier One / Two manufacturers to make the following parts.

  • Main Floor Carpet
  • Complete Trunk / Boot Area
  • Parcel Shelf / Package Trays
  • External Wheel Arch Liners
  • Under Bonnet / Bonnet Acoustic
  • Thermal & NVH Scrims
  • Seating

Sustainable credentials through the use of post-consumer recycled materials

In the USA alone consumers buy an estimated 29.8 billion plastic water bottles every year of which nearly 8 out of 10 bottles will end up in a landfill. Our partners, Foss Manufacturing Company LLC are taking steps to reduce this with Eco-fi®, a high-quality polyester fibre made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. It is engineered by Foss for use in environmentally friendly automotive materials for all of the above parts and applications. This includes 100% PET mouldable solutions that remove the need for latex or multiple polymer laminates with reduced weight and improved acoustic performance. As a single polymer product recycling is made more practical at every stage of production right through to end of vehicle life.

Visit eco-fi.com for more information on this solution.

Please watch the video above to see how bottles are turned into fabrics.

Advanced Automotive Materials

Nonwoven materials have the ability to make vehicles safer, reduce weight, boost fuel efficiency, enrich comfort, enhance aesthetics and drive down manufacturing costs. We are continually working with customers on VAVE to ensure our materials provide class leading solutions.

  • Vertically integrated production from polymer to ready to mould materials.
  • In-house colour matching and fibre production.
  • 100% polyester mouldable products that remove the need for latex.
  • Flame resistant scrims with oil, water and diesel repellency.
  • Reducing vehicle weight.
  • Improving vehicle acoustic performance.

Antimicrobial Protection

Fosshield logo

Fosshield® is the premier fibre technology that uses a unique blend of silver and copper ions to provide natural, continuous, safe, and effective antimicrobial protection. The ions naturally bind to any microbes that might be present in the fibre and disable their critical functions. It offers an antimicrobial barrier without using synthetic or chlorinated chemicals. Products made with Fosshield are protected from mould, mildew, and odour.

  • Safe – No hazardous ingredients or chemicals in the process.
  • Clean – High rates of effectiveness through synergistic action of silver and copper ions.
  • Healthy – Certified safe for prolonged contact and breathing zone. No off-gassing.
  • Durable – Practical lifetime effectiveness, even amidst washing, wear and UV exposure.
  • Eco-friendly – No harmful chemicals or off-gassing. 100% recycled material and natural agents.
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