Warren Nonwovens supply master rolls to manufacturers and converters

A broad range of materials from a wide variety of fibre types are available to manufacturers and convertors. We work with Sales and R&D Departments to develop materials for very specific end applications. Materials can be supplied in slit reels or full width master rolls enabling the customer to get the best efficiency and cost effectiveness on their own processing machinery.

  • Work with one company across the range of nonwoven technologies.
  • Working in partnership to create brand differential with tailor-made materials.
  • Container load shipments with options for mixed products.
  • Natural & recycled options.
    (100% Cotton, Organic Cotton, FSC, Chlorine Free)
  • No-lint and low lint options.
  • Super absorbent.
  • Colour-coded materials.
  • Flushable / dispersible materials.
  • Maceratable.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are an essential part of modern day life, having evolved from baby care products there is now a wipe for almost any application. Nonwovens are perfectly suited to the nature of a wet wipe as they retain a cloth like feel, but at much lower weights to traditional textiles. Wipes made from nonwoven fabrics are cost effective as a single-use product and suitable for packaging in canisters, flow packs and sachets. The product areas are almost limit-less, but below are some of the end uses that our wipes materials are supplied for.


Consumer Applications

  • Household – Antibacterial, kitchen, bathroom, floor, glass, furniture, polishing, metal, wood, carpet/fabric cleaning and pet wipes.
  • Personal Care – Baby, feminine hygiene, hand cleaning and moist toilet wipes.
  • Cosmetic and Facial – Makeup removal, skin cleansing, exfoliating, nail polish removing and self-tan wipes.
  • Car Care – Dashboard, leather cleaning, carpet and seats, tar and spot removal and glass cleaning wipes.

Professional Applications

  • Disinfectant, detergent and antibacterial wipes.
  • Clinical.
  • Food service and production.
  • Farming and agriculture.
  • Hand cleaning wipes for offsite workers.
  • Automotive and Aerospace.
  • Degreasing and engineering wipes.

Fabric and Solution Compatibility

Using the right nonwoven base for your wipes is critical for ensuring product performance. Warren Nonwovens can work with you to engineer a compatible material for your wet wipe solution. Fibre blends are available from Polyester, Polypropylene, Viscose, Cotton and Nylon. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic, finishes are available along with non-ionic and anionic fibres. Weights can be adjusted and material construction, emboss or patterns designed to suit the mechanical cleaning application. Our sales team would be happy to visit and give an R&D presentation.

Dry Wipes

For general wiping activities used by both professional and retail consumers when cleaning with or without chemical agents and solutions including solvents. Ranging from lighter weight single use materials for the industrial, engineering and printing industries or at home in the garage to heavier weight materials for repeated use in household and professional cleaning applications. Nonwovens that are strong enough to withstand repeated use over several shifts or days, which can also be washed and reused. Materials are available with high absorbent capacity with the bulk and handle of a traditional woven cloth that are a performance alternative to wipers and rags.

  • Solvent resistant.
  • Low Lint and no lint.
  • Excellent grease and oil absorbency.
  • Industrial, engineering and workshop.
  • Disposable towels for hairdressing / salons and off site workers.
  • Paint shop preparation.
  • Printing.
  • Cleanroom.
  • Centre feed rolls.

Super Absorbent Dry Wipes

These needlepunch nonwovens are a dependable product for general household use and professional cleaning. Often referred to as Super Absorbent cloths for retail consumers as they will hold up to 10 times their own weight in water. In the professional cleaning sector they are known as medium or heavyweight cloths. They are perfect for general wiping, moping, washing dishes and dusting.

  • Household – Kitchen, bathroom and general cleaning.
  • Professional - Food service and preparation, hotel and catering, cleaning and janitorial.
  • Colour-coded base materials to help prevent cross contamination.
  • Single and multicolour printing for brand recognition.
  • Viscose, polyester and polypropylene fibre blends.
  • Impregnated versions for extended durability.
  • Power dot abrasive finishes for extra cleaning power.
  • Soap impregnated options available.

Napkins and Serviettes

Nonwoven materials give the option of linen like luxury with the convenience of a single use product. Our disposable materials reduce storage and handling in comparison to traditional woven linens. There is no need for laundering and one use napkins avoids the risk of guests receiving marked or stained linen. Professional and stylish materials that provide the finishing touch to a restaurants atmosphere.

  • Rich and textured colours.
  • Embossed fabrics with a plush finish.
  • Soft and super absorbent.
  • FSC certified materials.
  • Post-consumer recycled options.

Hand Towels

Perfect for use in bathrooms, washrooms, spas and gyms our selection of superabsorbent products ensure that hands are dried quickly and thoroughly, which is an important factor in hand hygiene. All of our materials are super quick drying to help ensure that the least amount of towels are used reducing costs and providing a more eco-friendly option. We can also offer lightweight compact materials that will that help limit the amount of dispenser refills and lessen the likelihood of your guests being without a towel. We have flushable options to help keep your bathroom facilities operating and avoid costly waste water blockages.

  • Linen like appearance with a soft feel.
  • Quick and effective absorbency.
  • Flushable materials.
  • Coloured and embossed options.
  • Compact materials to maximise dispenser loading and refill times.
  • Available with post-consumer recycled content and FSC certified materials.
Would you like more information on our Wet & Dry Wipe Nonwoven Materials?

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